I havent been sleeping enough lately. At first it was just nodding off while driving. Now its really affecting my work. I’ve basically just been lost lately. Forgetting what im doing, working slowly, forgetting where I am. I feel fine in the morning and I look forward to talking to certain people. I havent been taking naps like I was. Im not sure what is going on with anything. I was over an hour late on my split shift tonight. I got ti the second store and hadnt take a single break yet, so iI asked if I could take my thirty, just to go buy cigarettes. The baker said it was fine. I forgot to clock out for my break. On my way back my manager called and told me to just go home. He is really pissed. He said im not showing inscentive of becoming a baker. Idk. I didnt even go in to clock out or get my stuff. I just left. I feel like shit. I hate when people are angry or disappointed with me. I try hard to just please people. I dont even care about being tired. Im just losing my functionality. I wish Joe hadnt left. He knew what was going on. He wouldnt be angry. People get tired of me. Im going to be better. One way or another. Maybe just smoke and chug energy drinks to get by. Im really upset right now. And lonely. Its just a bad night. Tomorrow will be better. More so if I dont wake up at all.

Right now I just need someone to hold and tell me everything is going to be okay. Im doing okay, but I guess I still hurt on the inside. Not even about ny marriage. Im just a little sad. Maybe I’ll post my address and wait for someone to show up. Probably not.

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